Freelancer Time-Tracking Just Got Simple!

Time tracking tools are widely used among remote flexible workers, enabling them to track and manage time effectively and clients to be confident that they are invoicing accurately for their time.

As a former freelancer and now a company owner that hires freelancers, I’ve found most time management tools to be complicated, and they are often disconnected from other tools that are essential in the freelancer booking, management and payment process.

YellowWorks’s solution is a time-tracking app that is embedded into it’s ecosystem of automated freelancer management tools. When freelancers use YellowWorks’s TimeTracking app, the time and randomised screenshots automatically populate the Calendar booking that the client and freelancer have confirmed, enabling time to be both tracked and managed from a simple, centralised app.

Automated Timesheets and Automated Invoices can then be raised from bookings with just one click, automatically populating the rates, time and all other necessary details.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Add a Time-track booking

YellowWork’s Time-tracking tool can be used for any bookings that have been made in ‘Time-track’ mode. When you add a booking to your Calendar, or make a booking through YellowDiary for a freelancer, please ensure that you select ‘Time-track’.

Step 2 – Download and login to the Time-tracking app

When a booking is made in Time-tracked mode, the-freelancer will be sent an email with details on how to download and login to the YellowWork Time-tracking app. You can also download the app by clicking here.

Step 3 – Select the booking and start time-tracking

When you have logged in to the Time-tracking app, please select the booking that the new time-tracking session relates to.

Then, select the ‘Start’ button whenever you start work, and the Time-tracker timer will begin.

When you stop work, click ‘Stop’. The tracked time from the session will be added to the correlating Calendar booking, along with randomised screenshots.

Step 4 – View and manage tracked time

To view the total tracked time, select ‘Calendar’ or ‘Bookings’ in the YellowWork website or app menu. Then find the booking and click on the green ‘Confirmed’ tile to display the booking details, such as the dates and hours.

When you select the hours, an overlay will be displayed with a breakdown of all the hours tracked on each day.

You can then click on a date, and you will be taken to a page that displays all the screen shots for that particular date.

Calculating your total cost

As your time gets added to the booking, YellowWork will calculate the total amount earned based upon the rates and any additional costs and tax that you have added.

Automate your Invoicing and Timesheets

A YellowWork booking contains all the details that you require to raise timesheets and invoices from. With just one click, you can raise a timesheet or invoice with all the booking details automatically populated. Learn more in the Automated Invoices and Automated Timesheets articles.

Written by Richard Jeffs
Former freelance TV Producer and Director of Photography. Now Founder and CEO of

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