10% Discount On All Hiscox Business Insurance Products

Running a business takes time, effort and dedication, not to mention constant planning for the future.
Unfortunately, there are some things you can’t plan for. As a freelancer, business insurance can help provide cover for when things don’t go to plan, so you can get on with what you do best.  

YellowWork has partnered with Hiscox to provide insurance that is designed specifically for freelancers. Hiscox can arrange a tailored insurance package that can give you the level of cover you need for the risks you face.

Get a 10% discount now by calling 0800 781 3042 or get a quote online.

Why choose Hiscox?

  • Immediate coverage and documentation
  • No admin fees if you amend your policy
  • Award-winning claims service

Over 300,000 businesses trust Hiscox to insure them. Hiscox understands the specific risks you face
and have built a policy that can protect you and your reputation in the event of a claim.

Written by Richard Jeffs
Former freelance TV Producer and Director of Photography. Now Founder and CEO of YellowWork.io

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